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Storm Victims File Insurance Claims

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Thursday's storms brought plenty of wind and hail damage and also knocked out power to thousands throughout the day. Now many people are rushing to their insurance agents to get claims in for their damaged property.

Farm Bureau insurance agent Jay Cochran said claims have involved everything from fallen tree limbs, to damaged fences, and even included some trees toppling on houses. He said his office has received around 40 claims, which was actually less than he anticipated.

Cochran said they usually see claims for storm damage around this time of year and into the summer months though he says it seems to have started a bit earlier than usual.

"The wind and hail damage, that's a large majority of our homeowner's claims on a continual basis. But once your home is already built and constructed again, there's not a whole lot you can do," said Cochran.

Representatives from State Farm Insurance also urge those getting repairs from contractors to save receipts from the cost of repairs and to be careful to choose a reputable contractor to do repair work on your property.