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Part 3 of Barry Beach's Interview

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Barry Beach, a man convicted for murdering 17-year-old Kimberly Nees in Poplar in 1979, has always asserted his innocence. In his interview with KULR-8, he said he is hopeful the state Supreme Court will reconsider its decision to deny him a new trial, even as the state's Attorney General is asking to court to keep Beach behind bars.

Beach said the confession that was a major factor in his conviction in court actually proves he had nothing to do with Nees' death. He maintains the confession was coerced.

"This so called confession claims that there were only two people down there and that was myself and Kim Nees. So, you start from that point. The forensic evidence disputes the fact that there was only one person down there," said Beach.

Watch the video to see more of Beach's interview.

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