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Fortin Café Grand Opening

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The Fortin Cafe at the Billings Food Bank is now officially open for business.

The cafe allows recent grad students from the Fortin Culinary Center to put forth their newly formed skills. Billings Food Bank staff together with Mayor Tom Hanel join in on the festivities as the Fortin Cafe opens for business. According to Billings Food Bank CEO Sheryle Shandy, not only is the cafe equipped with ample cinnamon buns and treats, but it also serves another purpose, to help further train recent graduates of the culinary skills training program, located on the second floor of the food bank.

"We go full cycle. They could learn about the skills it take in the kitchen but also learn some front end management skills and those kinds of things," says Shandy.

Cherish Nomee is one of those recent grads, working as the cashier in the cafe.

"It gives me a good opportunity in the food industry and it just lets me have a foot in the door," says Nomee.

Another recent grad, Rick Baker, seems to have been born to bake. His dream is to open up a donut shop.

"They let you sit there and fail but they'll help you. That's the great thing they'll notice if you fail they'll be like right there, they wont be mad they'll be like hey lets try this again lets experiment lets get thing going," says Baker.

He says he's grateful for the training he's received in the twelve-week program to help him follow his culinary dreams.

"Every day that I'm here its even more training. And it's just helping me to prepare along further," says Baker.

Staff celebrates the opening with a barbeque, offering food up for five dollars. All of the proceeds from everything in the restaurant go back into the culinary course, to help more aspiring chefs follow their hearts.