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Part 2 of Barry Beach's Interview

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Since Barry Beach's 1984 conviction for the violent and bloody murder of 17-year-old Kimberly Nees in Poplar, he has maintained his innocence.

Beach argues his confession to Louisiana investigators are coerced through intimidation and fear. In part 2 of his first interview since being sent back to prison by Montana's Supreme Court, he laid out his argument for his innocence.

"I'm beginning to ask the question, what does it take to prove you're innocent, when the state of Montana has lost every forensic slide that was ever produced in this case? That as far as DNA or hair samples or blood samples or skin samples all of which they had of the assailant from the crime scene by the way, and all of which when tested against me back in the 70's and 80's, did not match me," said Beach "There were 120 microscopic slides that have hair, blood and skin from the crime scene they were present at my trial but since then have disappeared. With today's technology we could have DNA'ed all of those. Conveniently, they were lost."

Beach said he believes he is being wrongfully convicted a second time.

"They have nothing and yet they're taking the rest of my life from me and every single piece of evidence from the crime proves that I am not the perpetrator of this crime. And yet, they have taken the rest of my life from me again. They have wrongfully convicted me for the second time," said Beach.

On Thursday, Montana's Attorney General submitted his response to Beach's attorney's request to the state Supreme Court for a reconsideration to their denial of Beach's request to a new trial. The Attorney General said, in the response, there is no new evidence to warrant a new trial.

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