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Exclusive Interview with Barry Beach

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What would it be like to spend the majority of your adult life in prison for a crime you insist you didn't commit? And what would it be like to finally taste freedom only to have it, once again, yanked away from you after 18 months?

KULR-8 News secured the very first interview with convicted killer Barry Beach since he was ordered to return to the men's prison in Deer Lodge by the Montana Supreme Court.

"They have wrongfully convicted an innocent man for the second time when they know they don't have anything. They know that the blood on that towel isn't mine. They know that they're the ones, the State of Montana, is the ones who lost the 120 microscopic slides that we could do DNA on. And yet, they're willing to take my life again. Can somebody out there explain that to me? You've asked me a lot of questions, explain that to me, answer that question to me 'cause I don't deserve to be here. I don't deserve to be here," said Beach in the first interview he has given to anyone since his return to the prison in Deer Lodge last month.

Beach had enjoyed 28 months of freedom thanks to a district judge's decision to grant him a new trial in the 1979 murder of 17-year-old Kimberly Nees in Poplar, Montana.

In 1983 Beach was convicted of the crime based mostly on a confession he gave to authorities in Louisiana. It was a confession Beach has always maintained was coerced through intimidation and fear during a lengthy interrogation. At the age of 21, Beach was sentenced to 100 years with no parole.

But 28 years later he managed to get back in a courtroom, where a judge ruled there was enough evidence to grant a new trial. In fact, so much so, he freed beach on his own recognizance. Beach moved to Billings where he lived and worked as a free man. But last month the Montana Supreme Court overturned the district judge's ruling on an appeal from the State Attorney General and ordered Beach back to prison, possibly for the rest of his life.

"I'm not going to let them win. And from the time I was 21-years-old, first walking into this prison, I made a promise to myself that no matter what, no matter what I have to go through, I will never, never, never let the state of Montana beat me. I will never run, I'll never give up, and I won't take my own life. I won't do it," said Beach.

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