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New Training Aircraft For Logan Airport

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For decades, a Boeing 727 cargo plane with registration number N468FE has transported countless people and packages across the United States.

"The 727 has been the backbone of our domestic fleet," said David Sutton, Managing Director for Aircraft Acquisitions & Sales for FedEx Express. The plane, known as "Chad" to FedEx Express, had a long history.

"This aircraft was built for Eastern Airlines, and then flew with Bahamasair, and Delta Airlines," said Sutton "After all those years, it's time to retire."

The plane flew its last flight to Billings, and will be grounded at Billings Logan Airport. Far from sitting still, however, it will have a new mission, as a training facility for aircraft rescue teams.

"It's a great opportunity to have a third life as a aviation training device," said Sutton.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime deal for an airport," said Kevin Ploehn with Logan Airport. "You get a fully working, operational aircraft, except for maybe the engines, and the training capabilities are just unlimited."

Ploehn said the airport's rescue team have limited resources to train for accidents.

"Currently, it's on a 1950s model Mark 404. It doesn't have the controls or anything. It's just a hulk," said Ploehn.

In addition to rescuer training, the plane will also be used by students at Rocky Mountain College's aviation program.

"Just a very worthwhile way to give back to the aviation community, and also to the towns where we work, and our people live as well," said Sutton.

The plane will be moved to a disused north side runway at the airport later on this summer. Until then, it will stay near the Rocky Mountain College aviation program facility.