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Presentation For Local Non-Profits

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People with local non-profit organizations got a chance to learn how to raise money for projects, especially at a time when money for projects are hard to find.

The presentation, titled "Beyond The Economy: Social Impact And The Quiet Revolution", took place at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Downtown Billings Wednesday evening. Andrew Watt, President of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, was there to present the series.

He said the Federal Government's budget sequester will have a big impact on the non-profit industry.

"Direct funding for social issues is decreasing as well, and therefore, the demand for what non-profits is doing is increasing at the same time. So, funding levels going down, demand going up, that means non-profits have to find alternative sources of revenue," said Watt.

According to labor statistics, about 10% of the Montana workforce works for non-profit organizations. The presentation will be held in Bozeman and Helena Thursday.