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Local Church Broken Into

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The pastor of a Billings Southside church is hoping he can reach out to those who allegedly stole from his church earlier this week.

Pastor Grove Hull with the Hope Center Foursquare Church said thieves broke into the church's shed, and stole at least $3,000 worth of equipment. Pastor Hull is out of town Wednesday, but in an interview with KULR-8 News, he said some of the items stolen include the church's riding lawn mower, as well as the snow blower.

Despite the loss, Pastor Hull said Wednesday he wants to get those responsible back on the right track.

"They don't know that if they're gonna live like this, they're destroying their own lives. I like to get an opportunity to talk to them about having a better life. You don't have a better life by stealing from people," said Hull.

The church has also reported the break-in to Billings Police.