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Lockwood Residents Ask for Sidewalks, Lights

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Sixteen year old Dustin Freese was killed after he was hit by a truck while walking along Becraft Lane back in January. Since then, Lockwood residents have been asking for more sidewalks and lights around the area.

Yellowstone County Commissioner Bill Kennedy said this is something residents have been passionate about and believe would improve safety in their neighborhoods.

"We want to make sure that kids are safe. We don't want to see another accident, another fatality. But we also want to make sure when your children leave their homes and go to the park, go down to the store, go to the school, that they're safe," said Commissioner Kennedy.

Residents attended a public meeting with county commissioners recently and they hope to get an initiative on the ballot within the next year to see if residents are willing to be taxed for sidewalks and lighting. Some residents in Lockwood said they think the added sidewalks and lights would be worth it and help keep everyone safer in their neighborhood.

"People can actually walk down the sidewalk instead of out in the street like they've been doing. It's more protection I guess on the sidewalk instead of having the cars come around here," said Lockwood resident Terry Varta.

There are still many details that need to be hammered out, which will be discussed at meetings in the coming months.

"People in lockwood will have a lot of questions of where actually would sidewalks go, where actually would a lighting district go, how much would it cost per household. And if it takes kids off the street I think that's the most important thing. Safety for children is huge," said Commissioner Kennedy.

Supporters of the new sidewalks and street lights hope to get the issue on the ballot for next November.