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Midlife Chryslers Host Fundraiser

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Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the United States, accounting for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths.

A popular Billings band, the Midlife Chryslers, will host a fundraiser next Tuesday to benefit Relay For Life. It's a 10-piece band, five of which are doctors. They've been playing music for over a decade, and they're the mid life Chryslers, but two of them have been touched by cancer.

"Emotionally if you're the caregiver, its hard to watch the one you love suffer," says McBride.

Douglas McBride is an optometrist and a trumpet player.

"The band fondly refers to this music as geezer rock. So we're a bunch of old geezers, a bunch of guys that have played music through the years," says McBride.

His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 6 months ago. It's brought a real understanding to the band to be involved in cancer awareness.

"Its humbling to see when you encounter something like this, the outpouring of love that's there," says McBride.

They will host an event for Relay For Life, the American Cancer Society's biggest fundraiser.

"We're hoping that folks will become more aware become more involved and help," says McBride.

Hal Forseth, the vocalist and bass player in the band, is a gynecologist, who was diagnosed 6 months ago with chronic leukemia.

"I went in and got checked out, and wouldn't you know it I was told I had leukemia which was really a hit that I didn't want to take at that time," says Forseth.

He says he owes the now treatable disease to research made possible by these types of fundraisers.

"Fifteen years ago I would have had a three year prognosis, then I'd of been pushing up daisies.

Now I can expect a normal lifespan," says Forseth.

The Midlife Chryslers will join together to play, what may be their most important gig yet, Tuesday night.