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Summer Nutrition

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Summer vacation can give kids a much needed break from school. But sometimes too much free time can lead to bad eating habits.

While summer is a time where kids can get more physical activity, it also gives kids a lot more down time. Time in front of the TV and mindless snacking.

Some studies show kids gain weight two to three times faster in the summer than they do during the school year Dr. Stephanie Selzler, a registered dietician and licensed nutritionist, says. So it's important for families to pay attention to what they eat and do in the summer.

"Try to get the kids involved as far as getting them involved in the farmer's markets, gardening, to inspire a positive relationship with food," Dr. Selzler says. "Getting them more active in the kitchen also."

Dr. Selzler says families should try to take advantage of summer fruits and vegetables. Limit very sugary drinks like soda and juice. Keep a routine schedule of meals and snacks. Keep kids active. And above all, drink lots of water. Dr. Selzler says that it's also important for parent's to be good role models and to inspire healthy habits at home.