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Heart & Sole Run Preparations

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The Heart & Sole Run is coming up and some of the last preparations wrapped up Monday.

The two-mile walk, 5k and 10k run all take place on Saturday. It's all to benefit the YMCA Strong Community Campaign and improve the Billings Trail System. The Y's Facilities Director Chaz Riewaldt spray-painted yellow arrows on the last portion of the course on 9th and 22nd Avenue North for the two mile walk.

"We benefit from this run too so just being part of it is such a big deal I mean we almost got 3,000 sign-ups this year," says Riewaldt.

You can still sign up to be involved in the race, its $30 for adults for the 5k and 10k, $25 for children. And adults pay $20 for the 2-mile walk and $15 for children. For more information on the heart and sole race you can click on Connections.