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Man Severely Beat by Group of Teens

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A Billings chiropractor is on the mend after being severely beaten by a group of teenagers early Saturday morning.

Jeff Meier lives on the West End. Around 2 AM Saturday morning, Meier says he heard noises outside of his home. When he went to investigate, he noticed a group of teens trying to break into a trailer and shed. Meier says he chased them down the street, grabbed one female, and she punched him. Meier says that's when two to three others starting beating and kicking him to the point of unconsciousness.

Jeff and his wife Kim released a statement regarding the assault:

"We appreciate all the support and prayers from family, friends and strangers. We are trying to minimize the impact this is having on our family and would like to move on from this whole situation. We are thankful that things did not turn out worse, and we are choosing focus on healing and moving forward. We are hopeful that with the story being viewed that someone will do the right thing and step forward. Thank you once again to all those that have reached out to us."

KULR-8 has attempted several times to reach the Billings Police Department for information into the investigation. As of Sunday evening, no calls have been returned.