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Strawberry Festival Draws Crowd

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Several people in the Billings community enjoyed the shining sun while checking out the annual Strawberry Festival, which is the kick off to summer for many in the community.

"Everybody's really great people, everybody's real nice. It's a great time to get together. It's warm out finally so it's a really nice day," says Craig Wood, a vendor at the Strawberry Festival.

But for most people, even though the strawberry lemonade, strawberry pie, and chocolate dipped strawberries were great, every one seemed to enjoy all the other food offered at the festival.

"I think a lot of it has to do with the food. There's a lot of different selections around here, a lot of different varieties," says Wood.

Funnel cakes, pizza, oriental, barbecue, the list goes on.

"I love the food and the smell of the food and the vendors. I just like walking around and looking at everything," says Jill March.

Sara Kindness say she "came to just check out the food and the strawberry pancakes."

Another bonus for many, the gorgeous weather.

"My very first time was last year and I was very impressed but it was too hot and windy last year. This year it looks like it's perfect weather," says Bonnie Groshong.

Savannah March says "It's hot but it's nice. It's not rainy, it's nice."

"It's a beautiful day and we love the strawberry festival. We come out every year," says Jill March.