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Laurel Golf Club Hosts Riverstone Hospice Tournament

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LAUREL, Mont. -

It couldn't have been a more ideal day for a game of golf and nearly 200 participants turned out for this year's Riverstone Hospice benefit tournament.
But one group of ladies on the green reached a distinctive milestone. Helen Ryan, Linda Jacobson, Earlene Davis, and Jennie Waggoner have played in the tournament each and every year since it began 25 years ago.

"I must say that we were all young when we started," said Linda Jacobson.

Many of the women have dealt with hospice care in their own families and this tournament is something they feel is important to attend year in and year out.

"We've all had some type of cancer...and we're still golfing and this is very dear to our hearts as we've all said. But we've participated together the four of us in many, many tournaments," said Helen Ryan.

For Riverstone Hospice, which provides a great deal of financial aid to its patients for care, the nearly $40,000 raised for the event goes a long way.

"I think it shows a support just generally in the community. That they believe in hospice care, that they know that it's important," said Roxanne Allen, who serves as supervisor for Riverstone Hospice.

But these ladies are just happy to be putting on the green together and contributing to a great cause.

"They do great work for nothing. They help people out in a really difficult time in their lives and I can't think of a better place to donate your money and come play golf and have fun," said Earlene Davis.

In the morning session of the tournament, Cole Lorenz made a hole in one, which came with a $500 prize.
Cole just graduated high school and will be attending New Mexico State in the fall.