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Online Petition to free Convicted Murderer

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Portions of the Billings community still stand behind the man who returned back to finish serving his 100-year sentence.

Billings resident Ziggy Ziegler created an online petition to free convicted murderer Barry Beach. Ziegler is a longtime Beach supporter and is a member of "Montanans for Justice". He decided to start the petition right when Barry was sent back behind bars. The petition has over three thousand signatures so far.

"We want those that are in the position of authority, the governor, the attorney general's office, and the Supreme Court to be aware that there is a groundswell effort to let them know that there are people that are concerned about what happened with Barry," says Ziegler.

The group will also prepare a written petition for people to sign, it should be posted inside Stella's Kitchen and Bakery by the end of the week.