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Wild Weather Over the Weekend

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It's been three solid days of severe weather across the region; the most the area has seen in nearly two years.

Multiple severe thunderstorms swept across the area on Saturday and Sunday, bringing plenty of lightning, hail, and heavy rain across the plains. Some rotation was detected within the severe storms in eastern Yellowstone and into Treasure County Sunday night, prompting the National Weather Service office in Billings to call for tornado warnings in the area.

"We got a lot of reports of wall clouds. In other words, that's a lowering of the cloud base right before the tornado will drop out. Those things were turning, the lowering of the cloud base was turning. And so that's often a precursor to a funnel cloud forming or a tornado dropping down but doesn't guarantee it," said Tom Humphrey with the Billings National Weather Service office.

No tornadoes ended up forming over the past two days, but a confirmed tornado was reported just southeast of Cody, Wyoming late Monday morning. It was short-lived and didn't cause any damage.

In all, 10 tornado warnings were issued this weekend from the severe storms. That is more than the total number of tornado warnings issued for the area all of last year.