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Honor Flight Committee Looks for Donations

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Funding for the June 16th Big Sky Honor Flight is coming up short.

Organizers say the $25,000 needed to fund the nearly $155,000 flight is a small price to pay to honor our World War II veterans. "It's a trip of a lifetime for them. It's probably the last trip of their life, and it's probably one of the most memorable trips that they have taken," organizer, Bill Kennedy said.

Kennedy said the committee is relying on upcoming donations to send the next group of World War II veterans to visit their memorial. "This is something you can't put a dollar amount on. What we have given these World War Two vets is something we should have given them a long time ago. Now, we're 60 to 70 years later thanking them," Kennedy said.

Nurse, Wendy Lund, said the short 36-hour trip is worth every penny. "Watching their expressions has almost brought tears to my eyes. Watching their faces light up as they see these memorials, and of course they're just getting pampered, and they love it. It just makes the trip worth while," Lund said.

Each veteran is accompanied by a guardian, and several medical officials are along to ensure everyone's safety. "Our job is helping them to restrooms or dinner tables and on and off buses. That's our job. Just to be there," Lund said.

The next trip is scheduled to take off June 16th, and 91 veterans will be in attendance. To donate to the Big Sky Honor Flight click on Connections.