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Flags at Mountview Cemetery

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This Memorial Day weekend, many in the community took the opportunity to honor veterans who've passed. At Mountview Cemetery, flags were placed on the graves of men and women who served our country.

Members of the Eugene Sara Detachment and Boy Scouts paid their respects by spending the morning remembering those who have helped to get this country where it is today.

"If you ever hear how much, all the gruesomeness and everything that went on that some of these people did go through, it's kind of incredibly really, so I wanted to somehow give back to them," said Jase Paul, who's in Boy Scouts Troop 2.

If you would like to honor our veterans and be a part of the services this Memorial Day, visit Riverside Cemetery Monday at 8:00 am, Mount View Cemetery at 9:45 am, and Yellowstone County Veterans Cemetery at noon.