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Drag Races at Yellowstone Drag Strip

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The Yellowstone Drag Strip kicked off their season here in Billings on Memorial Day weekend. It's the first time these fans have been able to race on Memorial Day weekend in a while because races were canceled the last six years due to weather.

The high speed motor sport would likely have parents worried if their kid was a drag racer. But many may not know, dragsters must pass safety requirements to race.

Yellowstone Drag Strip owner, CW McCarthy says "safety is one of the most important things. There's lots of restrictions on the cars; seat belts, helmets, gloves, gears, fire suits."

And because of that, drag racing is something Peyton Farnsworth's parents encourage.

"I feel that they kids are safer in their junior dragsters than they are driving down the road in my street car," says Kelly Farnsworth, Peyton's mother.

"I just love the thrill it gives you and how everybody up here is so nice and we all get along," says Peyton.

Peyton's father, Shane Farnsworth, started racing years ago, and his four children followed in his tire tracks.

"It gives you the opportunity to hang out with your family as well as other people have their kids up here. If nothing else, you know where they're at. They're not in trouble so," says Shane. "It teaches them a lot of things especially how to win with class and also how to lose with class."

Peyton says, "once you get into it, it's just a fun experience, and you just try to get better. And family is like everything out here, they're just your major supporters."

For the Farnsworth family, summer weekends at the Drag strip is something they look forward to every year.

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