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Meeting On WY Wolf Hunt Changes

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CODY, Wyo. -

Hunters in Wyoming could have less opportunities to hunt for wolves, if a proposal by the state's Game and Fish Department goes through.

"The most important change being a reduction in the number of wolves that we will allow to be harvested this year." said Mark Bruscino with Wyoming Game And Fish Department.

The proposed quota for the 2013 hunting season is 26, just 50% of 2012's quota.

"The population's come down a bit, as a result of the 2012 Hunting Season, and then there was also mortality from a few other causes that was a little higher than anticipated." said Bruscino.

On Thursday, Game and Fish held a meeting at Cody's Holiday Inn to discuss the changes with area residents. Those who attended the meeting say they generally agree with the proposal.

"The point of the Endangered Species Act is to get animals recovered with management, and return them to states." said Kevin Hurley with the Wild Sheep Foundation "The state fish and game agencies are quite capable of managing it to meet the recovery targets, and stay above those, so that wolves don't get relisted."

"I do think that we can stand a bit higher quota. I think we can possibly go up to 30 or 35. The new pups are yet to be counted." said area resident Arlene Hanson.

Bruscino said, in response, that while they have yet to get an accurate count of new wolf pups, they will get more information throughout the summer, and use the information to further manage wolf population.

Besides changes in hunting quota, other changes include requiring those who hunted a wolf to include their phone number on hunt reports, as well as penalties for making false statements. There will be other meetings across Wyoming on the issue of wolf management, and the public comment period on proposed changes will end on June 12th, at 5 p.m.

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