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Veterans Welcomed Home

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On Monday, Montana's 84 World War Two veterans returned home from Washing, D.C. to a big surprise.

"Those people fought for our country," one young supporter said.

"It's kind of a tear jerker. I was here the last flight that was here, so that's why we came again. I'm just thankful we live in a country like this, and it's because of these people," one family member said.

"They celebrated for me when I came in on the first flight. It's a wonderful thing, and I know they had a wonderful time. It's wonderful. It's hard to explain, because it's two days, and you just can't describe how nice it is. And the WWII Memorial is beautiful, and it's something I'll never forget. I was back there in 1991 with my wife, and the memorial wasn't back there then. I was really happy I got to see it, and I can't wait to go again," two veterans said.

"My uncle George is coming in, and it's just an emotional thing, and I wanted to be here for him. I'm just extremely proud of him, not only for our family, but for our country as well. It's really awesome to see the bands and the honor guard, and all the people in red, white, and blue is beyond my expectations. It's great," one family member said.

The fifth Big Sky Honor Flight is DC bound on June 16th. Flight funding is nearly $30,000 short, but organizers will be holding fundraisers to send the 91 veterans to visit their memorial. The next fundraiser will be a barbecue Saturday morning. It will be held at the Ace Hardware on Zimmerman. It starts at 10 AM and goes until 4 PM.