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Scholarships for Private Schools

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Some kids just don't fit in at public schools and private schools can be expensive. But one group leant a helping hand. ACE Scholarships finished a successful first year by giving 520 scholarships to Montana children to attend private schools across the state.

ACE Scholarships Montana Advisory Board Chairman, Greg Gianforte, says, "school choice improves our public schools, it makes our state education funding dollars go farther and it gives kids choices so they have the best chance at the brightest future."

Lynette Swanson is one of those parents whose children received ACE Scholarships.

"The ACE Scholarship is what allowed me to keep my kids in the private system," Swanson says. "Without it, as a single parent, I would have never been able to continue their education here."

The group hopes to increase the number of scholarships and help even more families in Montana.

For more information on the program, just go to and click on Connections.