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Concerns Over New Southside Gazebo

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Some people are expressing concerns over a newly-built gazebo at South Park. One that was partially funded by taxpayer dollars.

On saturday, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the gazebo. The new gazebo replaced an old one that has been there for six decades. The new gazebo, which cost nearly $180,000 to build, was praised by some as a way to bring the community closer together, while drawing concerns that the money could be used on other projects.

"This is our community, so we really need to take care of the gazebo, because it makes the park," said Latasha McCallister "It brings up the value of the park, and it kinda brings up the value of the Southside."

"I'm just not sure if they've done a close park study to find out where they need to spend the money, or if they could have used those funds for all the parks, not just one," said Terrel Lane.

Besides tax dollars, First Interstate Bank, the Downtown Exchange Club, and the Southside Task Force also contributed to the gazebo.