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South Park Gazebo Reopens

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Billings South Park celebrates 100 years in 2013 with a nearly $200-thousand addition.

Several people, including Mayor Tom Hanel and Senator Max Baucus, came out to see the park's brand new gazebo. Billings South Side Councilman, Jim Ronquillo, said he has been trying to get the new gazebo constructed for years. He said it's great to see the community support the south side. "This is kind of a gratitude, and it's beautiful that the city would be able to support something like this and give us back a gazebo. This gazebo will be good for our grand kids and anybody else's kids. This thing should last us over a hundred years now, and we're really thankful everybody pitched in, and we got it built, and everybody can come down and use it," Jim Ronquillo said.

As a young kid, Councilman Ronquillo said he celebrated many events at the South Park's old gazebo that sat there for nearly 65 years. He said he was sad to see it go, but he's excited to make new memories for generations to come.