15th Annual Heritage Home Tour - KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT

15th Annual Heritage Home Tour

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Saturday was the 15th Annual Heritage Home Tour in Billings. It's an opportunity to learn about the history of the Magic City through homes, and their owners.

The Home Tour allows members of the community to take a step back in time, see how each owner has contributed to preserving the character of each house and appreciate the expertise that is in every detail.    

"This is an incredible opportunity to see homes that were at the start of the development of Billings that were built in the early 1900's and how they've been modified over the years for modern home owners," says Jenna Richter, Moss Mansion Executive Director.

It's a way for people to see how others have restored and preserved homes built within the last century.

"We are passionate about old homes and we are so thankful that they're some really gracious home owners to let us into these great old houses so that we can be inspired, so the public can be inspired," says Jeremiah Young, Creative Director for Kibler & Kirch who sponsored the Heritage Home Tour.

Richter says,"it really does take you back in time. When you go through the homes, you're given a description of the architecture involved as well as their history in Billings. So, it's a little history lesson, and I think it provides some inspiration for what you might want to do around your own home."

And every house was filled with guests who enjoyed being taken back in time.

"I live in an old historic home so I've always had a lot of interest. But, I enjoy seeing what everyone does to them. As they go through different owners, they get just more and more lovely. And this one is beautiful," says Donna Groepler, who took the Heritage Home Tour.

All the homes in the tour were around the Virginia Lane neighborhood. The proceeds are going to benefit the preservation of the Moss Mansion.