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New Car Technology Keeps People Safe

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These days, carmakers in the country are devoting a lot of attention to making your driving experience much safer. From big accidents to minor fender benders, cars in the current model year are equipped to be convenient, as well as preventing accidents before they actually happen.

"Remember the day where you used to have to actually use a key to get into your car. This particular car has a proximity key. Have the keys in your pocket, you can push the button on the door, it will unlock and open up. Same thing for starting the vehicle." said Brian Fisher with Denny Menholt Chevrolet in Billings, referring to a type of Chevrolet Impala.

The particular model of Impala Brian was talking about Friday has a lot of monitoring technologies inside.

"If I don't have my turn signal on, and veer over these lanes, it beeps at us." said Brian, while test-driving the vehicle.

In addition, the vehicle has rear-facing cameras to detect obstructions and people, as well as an adaptive cruise control that will slow the vehicle when it gets close to another vehicle. The safety features don't stop there.

"It also has Accident Mitigation Control, where if it seems like an accident is imminent, it will slam on the brakes for you." said Brian.

Overall, Brian said people should have a different car-buying experience than a few years ago.

"Expect to be surprised with some of the stuff that you're gonna be told of what your car is capable of doing."

The car model Brian test-drove Friday comes at a steep price. Sticker price, according to Brian, is close to $40,000. Brian did say, however, that some of the technology featured in that car will trickle down to other, cheaper vehicles in the future.

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