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Centurion Ministries Reveal Plan for Beach

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After a year and a half of living in Billings, Barry Beach's new home is the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge. The judge who freed Beach and granted him a new trial in 2011 mourns his decision to free the convicted killer. Beach's legal team hopes the judge retracts his feelings of regret, and is formulating a new plan for Beach's release. Montana state District Judge E. Wayne Phillips says he did a "soul wrenching injustice" to Beach by freeing him after 28 years in prison and watching him return back. But James McCloskey, Executive Director of Centurion Ministries and the fundraiser behind Beach's legal team, believes the judge allowed Barry to successfully integrate himself back into society.

"Judge Philips should not have any regret that he freed Barry Beach," says McCloskey.

They're starting to devise a new legal strategy with a few options, but they're still not sure which ones they'll pursue. One option is to go back to the Montana State Supreme Court.

"Ask for a reconsideration of their decision, and point out what we feel were some glaring omissions and distortions of their opinion," says McCloskey.

They're also considering another option.

"And also go into the federal court system and navigate the shoals of the federal courts which is complicated and not easy to prevail with. But we will asses that and understand how to best go about that, and on what basis and what issues to raise with the federal courts," says McCloskey.

McCloskey, together with Beach's attorneys, is confident that a decade struggle will see justice served.