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Mother's Day at Pictograph Cave

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This Sunday, people from all over celebrated at the Pictograph Cave for the Wild Beauties Mother's Day event.

The Pictograph Cave is one of many National Historic Landmarks in Montana. It's a place to indulge in Montana's natural beauty, and learn about the history of Big Sky Country.

"We want to bring everybody out to the park and let them know just how important this place is and everything they can do to help us here and how they can enjoy this place because it is really beautiful. And also learn a lit bit themselves about planting and if they want to start their own garden," said Sarah Repasky, organizer of the Wild Beauties event.

Pictograph cave is home to a wide variety of wild flowers and plants that Native Americans have to been using for edible and medicinal purposes for ages.

"It became a state park in 91 and so since then, we've been working to restore the native species," said Repasky.

A Master Gardener spoke at Sundays event, discussing the native plants and how to grow gardens to flourish in Montana.

"I had never been here. I've lived in Montana for years and years but I've seen the pictograph caves and I was interested in listening to the Master Gardener," said Dorris Seney, a resident of Kalispell.

Dorris and her four daughters spent Mother's Day at the Wild Beauties event. One daughter even traveled from Washington.

"I wanted to come to Billings so that we could all be together and then we thought this would be something that would be different and fun to come to so we decided to just come out here," said Sherry Mason, a resident of Snohomish, Washington.

"We just all wanted to be together," said Dorris Seney.

"And afterwards we're having a big family dinner together," said Sherry Mason.

Attendees also participated in a hands on planting experience and toured through the park's half mile trail through the caves.