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MasterLube Donates to Seniors

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It was one of the last times local high school seniors were together at one time.

MasterLube locations around Billings and Laurel donated all of Saturday's proceeds to fund an alcohol-free graduation party for surrounding seniors. MasterLube Communications Director, Miranda Zugg, said the company has been donating services for nearly 25 years. West High parent, Debbie Meyer, said it brings peace of mind to families all around. "I just think it's important they have a safe place to go on the night of graduation, and it's awesome. MasterLube has been incredibly generous to donate all their proceeds today, and provide a great party for the seniors and one last time for them all to be together," Meyer said.

"It's kind of sad actually, but I've been having a great time. The weather is beautiful, it's a good day to do it, and we've just been having a blast," West High Senior, Whitney Wells said.

Saturday's goal for all MasterLubes was in the ballpark of $40,000. If you would like to donate to a party, you can contact whichever school you would like to fund.