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Montanan Beaten to Death

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A 26-year-old man is in custody Saturday night for the suspected murder of 16-year-old Montana boy. The boy's body was found badly beaten in Covington, Washington Saturday morning.

It might look like nothing more than a family shooting hoops, but for Alfonzia Bell and his boys, this basketball game, is a desperately-needed distraction. "You know, that could be my son," Covington resident, Alfonzia Bell said.

Just a few hundred feet from their makeshift court, around 5:30 Saturday morning, patrol officers were called out here for a person laying in the street. The person was found dead and badly beaten and was just a 16-year-old kid.

He was a teenager from Montana who had been staying with friends that lived nearby. Investigators say that on Friday night, that teen had far too much too drink, so much that officers were called to this neighborhood at about 1:30 AM, and sent him home. But sadly, the story doesn't end there. "Somehow or another he ended up back out on street. We don't know exactly how or why, but he ended up in this neighborhood here, and ended up getting into a fight with some people that we're talking to right now," the King County Sheriff's Department reports.

The people who live in the area know the person who was booked and who is now in custody. He is a neighbor.

The victim may have had ties to a gang, but it's important to point out that investigators do not believe this murder was gang related. They said he and his alleged attacker did not know each other. An autopsy will be done Monday to determine the exact cause of death.