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Commercial Bee Keepers Hold Workshop

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Bee colonies all over the nation are dying. It's called CCD, or Colony Collapse Disorder, and they dry weather is making the bees more susceptible to the virus.

Drange Apiary, a commercial bee keeping facility in Laurel, is education hobbyists on how to keep colonies alive. The virus is contagious, and Drange Apiary doesn't want it to spread.

"As for us as a commercial beekeeper, we're going to have all these hobbyist that want to have hives, which is great, we need more bees in the country. But if they don't take care of their hives well, they're going to lose to hives from diseases, and they're going to pass the disease on to us commercial beekeepers in the area. So, we need to have them know what to look for and to make sure they're hives are healthy so all the hives are healthy in the area," said Jodie Drange of Drange Apiary.

Drange says 50-75% of the bee population died this last year, and that's nationwide. And because of this, hobby bee keepers are great to help bring the population back up, but it becomes that much more important that they do it right, and safely.