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Conquering the Women's Run with Pride

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It's the Annual Montana Women's Run, and the event brings women and families in from all over, even some foreign countries. The Women's Run has become a Mother's Day tradition for many, and an obstacle to conquer for many more.

"It's a chance for women to come together on Mother's Day, have an event celebrating women, healthy women, being active, and giving money that goes back to the community of Billings and helping women," said Julie Burton, Women's Run Board Member.

Some take the opportunity as a chance to run competitively. But for some, it wasn't about where they placed, what mattered was that they completed a personal goal.

"It was really about finishing, not winning, and just to challenge myself. I'm pretty determined to do things," said Tanya Allestad, a runner from Columbus.

Allestad had one of her legs amputated ten months ago. Crossing the finish line was a huge milestone for her after an accident five years ago stopped her from living her life to the fullest.

"We're all dealt difficult times and difficult things in our lives and everybody's going to have a story on trials and I just wanted to prove to myself that I can just get out there and live again," said Allestad.

Allestad made the decision to have her leg amputated after many years of unsuccessful surgeries on her foot. Now, with a prosthetic leg, her foot won't stop her. This is one of many journeys to come, including next years Women's Run.

"I'm going to do it next year and next year I'm going to be running," said Allestad with a smile.