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Motorcycle May Safety Tips

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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and if you haven't already noticed, more motorcyclists are out and about in Billings.

So whether you are on that motorcycle or in a car, staying safe on the roads takes a few extra steps. Colette Haun, Marketing and Event Coordinator for Beartooth Harley Davidson, lays down the law.

"You need to make sure you get an oil change before you start riding for the season," says Haun.

After your bike is oiled up, be sure to check your tires.

"Check the treads, check the air. What people don't realize is that they should check the air in their tires at least once a week," says Haun.

And even though the weather is warm, it might be a good idea to invest in leather chaps.

"Should you, heaven forbid, go down on your bike, even from a standing position you go down you're going to incur an injury that can definitely be avoided by chaps," says Haun.

Once you're bike is good to go, be careful, because the roads might not be.

"Watch the gravel on the center line, watch it on the shoulder, and watch it on the inside corners," says Haun.

And above all else, be mindful of cars around you.

"When you're on your motorcycle assume that nobody sees you," says Haun.

Motorcycles should space themselves out between cars. And while a helmet isn't required, it's highly recommended.