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Chest Compression Only CPR

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When someone's heart stops beating, you can have a role in keeping that person alive, until first responders get to the scene.

A fire official from Gallatin Gateway is teaching employees on how to do CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), that involves chest compression only. The program, called "Gallatin Heart Rescue", is offered statewide.

Gallatin Gateway Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Lauer said in just one year, they doubled the survival rate in Gallatin County for heart attack cases.

"Keeping the blood circulation going, that then keeps the brain cells alive, and the heart muscles." said Lauer "essentially, you're not gonna have someone wake up and say 'thank you', but we're gonna thank you because it makes our job much easier."

The training is offered to businesses for free, and Lauer said so far, they have trained 7% of Gallatin County residents on how to do this kind of CPR.