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Summer Jobs Available for Teens

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Many teens in high school, graduated or not, are starting their summer job search.

"Be respectful, good manners, polite, obviously being dependable and reliable." Those are important requirements in employees, according to Kory Thomson, a Recreation Supervisor for Billings Parks and Recreation.

John Rife, a Business Advisor at Billings Job Service says only about 25% of teens are on the hunt. That could possibly be because of their job experience, or lack thereof.

"We have a lot of entry-level jobs that would be suitable for summer work. We're looking at landscaping, different kinds of concessions, retail," says Rife.

Rife says these entry-level jobs require not much experience. "One of the things that a lot of employers realize, is part of having that first job, is that they're going to help train you," says Rife.

For those who struggle finding things to put on their resume, Job Service can help.

"We can point out that you volunteer to baby-sit, you've helped your parents with chores, you've helped neighbors and uncles, so we can discover a lot of valuable skills that they don't recognize that they have," says Rife.

And even the city offers entry-level jobs.

"We've got opportunities again for kids looking for first job with our pool concessions, cashiers, that type of thing," says Thomson. And every summer, the city has trouble filling all lifeguard positions. "We need up to around 60 lifeguards, and it requires a certification through the American Red Cross."

But it's a certification that Parks and Recreation offer. Another bonus, it's fun.

Thomson says, "It can be an enjoyable experience. It can be a fun opportunity to work with kids, to make a difference maybe in some kids lives if you're a camp counselor, even a lifeguard."

If you're struggling to find a summer job, visit the Billings Job Service, and utilize the resources they offer for free. And to see jobs open with the city and Parks and Recreation, click on Connections.