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Staying Healthier With a Treadmill Desk at Work

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Just how long do you sit behind a desk every day? Researchers say sitting for longer than 6 hours each day can have devastating health effects. But one local woman decided she was going to take a stand. Literally.

Laurel Struck, marketing coordinator at the Yellowstone Surgery Center for Athletic Medicine and Performance, decided that instead of sitting at her desk job all day, that she would make her body do work instead. She bought a treadmill desk to keep herself active and said over the past month that she has had the revolutionary desk, she has started to crave getting her work done on the treadmill desk each day.

"There's definitely that sense of euphoria that comes and I have more energy when I get home. And as a result, I'm actually kind of happier," said Struck.

Struck said she walks on average about five miles a day...totaling more than 500 calories once she's done with work for the day. With a new baby and a four year old, Struck said this has been the easiest way for her to get physical activity.