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Warm Weather Could Bring Break-ins

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The sun is shining and the temperatures are on the rise, but something else synonymous with that is heating up as well -- robberies.

Every year when the weather warms up the Police Department sees an increase in more robberies in homes. Billings Police Chief Rich St. John offers a few tips to protect yourself and says if you're out and about in your yard be sure to keep your garage door closed.

"So when we have warm weather we definitely want to stress to the residents that don't be an easy target. So if you're going to be in the back yard shut the front door. Make sure that your cars are locked, don't have the windows down. Don't have valuables sitting in an unlocked vehicle," says St. John.

St. John also stresses to women -- don't leave your purse on the front steps -- because you never know who's watching.