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Pompey's Pillar Open to Public

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One of Montana's National Monuments is now open to the public and is fully staffed to make your visit a fun and educational one.

When Lewis and Clark traveled through the Yellowstone Valley more than 200 years ago, William Clark carved his name on what's now a National Monument. Clark's inscription is the only remaining physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition through Yellowstone Valley.
On opening day, Monument Manager Jeff Kitchens say they want to bring you back in history this tourist season.

"One of big focuses this year is we're really trying to focus on the Native American heritage of the site. So there's going to be sign language and Native game programs and similar programs and storytellers here throughout the summer," said Kitchens.

Pompey's Pillar is actually open year-round. Opening day is just when the full staff comes on board. And most of the staff are volunteers.

"For people who like history, for people who like people, it's a great volunteer opportunity," said Jonathon Peart, Executive Director or Friends of Pompey's Pillar.

Friends of Pompey's Pillar is a non-profit organization striving to preserve the monument and direct help where it's needed.

"It's a great opportunity for local people to give a little bit back," said Peart.

When you visit this tourist season, you may notice additional teepees in the area.

"When Lewis and Clark came through here, there were buffalo and Native Americans, and the teepee was part of the landscape," said Bernie Brault, Committee Member of Troop 27.

So, during the Boy Scouts Camperee this weekend, boy scouts were hard at work putting together a traditional teepee.

Brault said, "It allows the scouts to contribute to a monument, a National history monument."

Though the Boy Scouts Camperee is only for boy scouts to camp, Pompey's Pillar will be open to all folks who want to camp on July 27th for the Clark Days Celebration.

And if you're interested in volunteering with Friends of Pompey's Pillar and would like to learn more, click on Connections for more information.