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Weapons Training Near Pompey's Pillar

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Using a weapon properly is a very important skill for soldiers any where to have. On Friday, a group of National Guard members spent some time on the range to sharpen their skills.

"We're qualifying, zeroing our weapons, and just having some familiarization with our weapons." said Specialist Chad Randall with the Army National Guard's 1063rd Support Maintenance Company.

"Zeroing is you shoot three shots, and then see how close you are in between, and that's how we get closest to being able to set perfect shots," said Specialist Ben Jacquot.

Normally, this kind of training is done in Fort Harrison, in Helena. On Friday, however, the company had a chance to do the training closer to home, at an outdoor training facility near Pompey's Pillar.

"In Helena, it's the fort, so you have more that you can do up there, but being so close to a range is really helpful," said Specialist Jacquot.

Throughout the day, soldiers perfected their shooting skills, as well as learning vehicle maintenance skills, and rules on how to use them on the battlefield.

"I prefer it out here, because this will give the soldiers the better training when they go down range, or overseas," said Specialist Jacquot.

"It's a lot louder out here, and then you got the environmental factors, which aren't a big deal today, which is nice," said Warrant Officer Ryan Schock.

For soldiers, perfecting shooting skills is not only an vital skill, but can also determine their future in the military.

"It can have an impact on promotion, in a way, and it's also good for bragging rights I guess too!" said Warrant Officer Schock. He went through a qualifications shooting round Friday.

"I got 36 out of 40. Which is the bottom end of the expert, but still expert. I'm pretty happy about that," said Warrant Officer Schock.

"Tomorrow,we'll be going back to the Armory, and we'll be cleaning our weapons, and make sure they're in tip-top shape the next time we ship out," said Specialist Jacquot.