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Firefighters Prepare for Wildfire Season

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Though we haven't technically entered fire season, the dry conditions are bringing it earlier than expected. Firefighters train all year to prepare for this season, a time of year that brings too many fires.

"We're noticing that we're getting less and less moisture in the winters and in the spring time and right now, things are dry. It's ready to burn already," said Lockwood Fire Captain Allan Hutton.

"The thing that we've noticed is just because of fire season coming earlier and being more extreme, everybody is kind of keeping their ear on not only their own areas, but everybody else's areas as well," said Hutton.

Hutton suggests homeowners create a defensible area at home. That strategy includes keeping grass cut, trimming branches on trees to bring them up from the ground and making sure the roof isn't cluttered with pine needles. It's something he suggest you do year-round to protect your home. And if you haven't yet, it's recommended you get on task.

"I would encourage people to be careful. I would encourage people to start doing it, but watch your wind conditions and watch you weather conditions," said Hutton.

The Forest Service is preparing for fire season too. Temporary fire crews are going through rigorous training, and are getting ready to jump on board.

"Temporary fire crews are very important. A lot of our crew is a temporary work force," said Mariah Leuschen, Public Affairs Specialist for the Custer and Gallatin National Forests. The forest service says every season, they learn how to better communicate with other agencies and how to better inform the public when there is a fire.