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Heart and Sole Run Registration

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Looking to spend some quality time with your dad on Father's Day weekend?

The 34th Annual Heart and Sole Run is June 15th and according to Heart and Sole Run Event Organizer Karen Sanford-Gall, registration is now open.

"I think it just reminds people of that they need to get out there and be active but its a fun way to do it. And a lot of people are setting goals maybe this is the first time they've participated in a walk maybe next year they'll do the 5k, maybe next year they'll do the 10k," says Sanford-Gall.

The race runs from 8AM to 12PM, and it begins at St. Vincent Healthcare and ends at Dehler Park. To find out how you can register for the race click on Connections. The online deadline for registration is June 12th.