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Fighting for Life Spar-A-Thon

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Billings Chi-Tu-Do is hosting a fundraiser in honor of a local Billings man who recently found out he has cancer.

It's called the "Fighting For a Life Spar-A-Thon." The Spar-A-Thon is 30 rounds of non-stop sparring in a 45-minute block of time. Billings Chi-Tu-Do has raised about $1500 so far. Master Instructor Dennis Forleo, hopes to reach a goal of $2,000.

"We want to be able to bless the community and be a blessing to the community, and that's part of the reason why we exist. And so, to find out about a situation like this, and to be able to do something about it is really cool," says Forleo.

Donations are still being accepted.