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Dangerous Teen Challenges

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YouTube has become a go-to destination for just about anyone who wants to see videos; music, political or the funny variety. But, it's also a place for teens to get dangerous ideas.

What's lurking in your cabinet could seriously harm you, or rather, your kids. It's called the cinnamon challenge, and it's all over YouTube. It involves trying to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. The usual effects are coughing and vomiting.

Although some kids are laughing in the videos, doctors warn against this challenge. It has even caused some kids to be placed on respirators.

Another challenge, which has gone viral on YouTube, is the snorting a condom challenge. While some kids even acknowledge they shouldn't be doing the challenge, they do it anyway.

The Center on Media and Children's Health suggests parents watch these videos with their kids, help them understand how social media can affect them, and guide them through healthy decision-making, while doing it in a non-judgmental way.

New videos go viral every day on YouTube, and new dangerous dares are created too often.

And parents, while you may think you should be talking to your kids about these challenges, experts suggest you should really be talking about the effects of social media.

To find out more information about digital parenting, click on Connections to be directed to the Center on Media and Children's Health.