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HS Students Finish Shelter Renovation

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At the start of the school semester a few months ago, a group of area high school students in a church leadership group vowed to make a difference in the community.

On Wednesday, they consider that mission accomplished.

In early April, KULR-8 News brought you the exclusive story of the team's efforts to renovate a room at the Montana Rescue Mission's Women Shelter in Downtown Billings.

"We got out all the carpet, and we painted." said team member Garrison Allen, recounting their efforts on Wednesday. With a two thousand dollar budget, the group transformed the living space at the Women's Shelter.

"We put in, about each day, at least two hours." said Garrison.

Team Leader Leslie Scharfe said the renovation effort wasn't easy.

"Anytime we would pull back a carpet, we would fire there was something wrong underneath the carpet, and then underneath the subfloor." said Leslie. She also said there were times when she was left in tears, after learning of the tough experiences some of the families at the shelter went through.

Through all the difficulties, however, Sheila Cole with MRM said she saw the team grow.

"I've seen these kids go from goofballs, just thinking this is gonna be a lot of fun...to being so serious." said Sheila.

Garrison said the effort was well worth the time.

"It's probably gonna change my life forever." said Garrison "I'll be more blessed and thankful for what I have, and willing to help people."

Sheila said there will be more room renovation projects coming up.