Mayor's Prayer Breakfast - KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT

Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

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Around 400 people packed the Billings Hotel andConvention Center on Wednesday morning for the 53rd Annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. Featured speaker Ward Brehm has been to Africa several dozen times.He shared his experiences with the audience, giving them a glimpse of the poverty and suffering he has witnessed, as well as some heart-wrenching numbers about poverty and war. He challenged the audience to put their faith into action by helping others.

"Everyone has their own Africa. Everyone has their own calling, and it may be near. It may be here in Billings. It may be halfway around the world," Brehm says. He adds that he was 40 years old before he found his real calling. He says while finding one's real purpose can be scary at times, it is a great adventure.