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MetraPark Plan Presented

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If you've been to an event at MetraPark, you've experienced the stress of standstill traffic when trying to leave. That's about to change.

The Yellowstone County commissioners have been working to reroute traffic since December. The nearly $1-Million plan could change MetraPark. From monster trucks to Elton John, MetraPark's 3,800 empty parking spaces can fill up in a matter of minutes, but leaving is a different story.

Traffic engineer, Bob Marvin said he has a plan to change that. "Our analysis indicated it would take almost two hours to empty that lower lot under those conditions. Whereas, this plan will empty that lower lot in about 25 minutes," Marvin said.

At Bench Boulevard, commissioners hope to put in a right-turn lane into the lower parking lot to eliminate congestion. "You're seeing in just a few years major changes again that should improve everything," Commissioner Bill Kennedy said.

And, right here coming into 4th Avenue North will be exit only. "That's a major change in that 4th Avenue gate there, and it's a major change to that flow of traffic that comes from 4th Avenue onto Exposition onto Main Street," Kennedy said.

The biggest change we can expect to see will be a slip ramp, coming right into MetraPark. "That's why we really need to make sure al the partners are there. They are the state, city, and county. The intersection is one of the busiest intersections in the state of Montana," Kennedy said.

A groundbreaking of the new traffic system has yet to be set, but commissioner Kennedy said he expects improvements to be made over the next several years.