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Rep. Daines Visits Billings Supply Store

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U.S. Representative Steve Daines helped out at a western supply store right here in Billings Tuesday.

Representative Steve Daines says by a ratio of 10 to 1 Montanans are writing to him and asking for no more gun control. Daines stopped by Shipton's Big R on the West End to work the sporting goods section and answer questions from customers. Daines says lawmakers see three times more feedback on gun control than any other issue in Washington D.C. from Montanans.

"Gun control is not going to be the answer. Instead it would place a burden on thousands of law abiding Montanans who every day lawfully exercise their second amendment rights," says Daines.

Stores like Shipton's Big R require background checks on customers when selling them guns. But what about those gun shows that don't require background checks? Daines says it's a non-issue.
"I've been to a lot of gun shows, you don't worry a lot about the people attending gun shows, we need to worry about people who have criminal intent that are out there trying to purchase firearms," says Daines.

Daines says a better idea is to focus on providing aid for individuals with mental illnesses with criminal intent.

"So really those with criminal intent, those who are mentally ill and so forth, those are the people that really need help, and looking overall how do we reduce the violence in our culture. And Montanans are saying that's not through increasing gun control," says Daines.

Daines says he will continue to oppose gun control legislation because guns are a part of Montana's heritage. Staff at Shipton's Big R says they're happy to have Daines visit the store and talk with customers.