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Story of Stuff

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When you buy something then throw it away, where does it go? The Yellowstone Business Coalition and Northwest College in Powell says the answer is alarming. They're sponsoring a live simulcast across Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming to discuss "The Story of Stuff."

Throwing things in a recycle bin is part of our lives now. We don't just throw things away anymore. We recycle them too. Or some of us do. But business leaders at Northwest College, in Powell, say most of us don't even think about where our trash goes.

Yellowstone Business Partnership Board Member, Ingrid Eickstedt explained, "When you throw something away, what is away? Away is out of your sight. But that thing just doesn't disintegrate, it goes somewhere."

Eickstedt is a board member of the Yellowstone Business Partnership. She says it's not just about whether you throw something away, or whether you recycle it. It's about the decisions you make when you buy it. She said YBP, Northwest College, and groups in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are showing the film, "The Story of Stuff," in a simulcast Friday night.

She said the film is about the underside of our production and consumption patterns. And the producer, Annie Leonard, will be on hand in the simulcast from Bozeman to answer questions.

The President of Team Enactus, Jesse Dingman said, "We held an e-cycle event, an e-cycle recycle event here about three weeks ago in Powell. We gathered over eighteen thousand pounds of e-waste, just here in the Powell area."

As president of Northwest College's Student Business Club, Dingman said, "We're into consumerism. That's all we do is consume things. Pretty quick we're not going to have an environment to sustain that. Right now we don't have an environment to sustain that."

Eickstedt said, "Alternatives can be recycling, wise purchasing in the first place, and reusing things that are really not broken." She says the simulcast is free to the public at Northwest College Friday night at 7PM. If you can't find a simulcast near you, she says you can find the Story of Stuff on the Internet. If you want to find the other simulcast locations, you can find them at