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24th Annual Principals' Leadership Award

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Forty children from Billings, the highest number yet, are recognized as leaders of tomorrow for the 24th Annual Principals' Leadership Award.

According to YMCA Youth Development Director Shannon George, principals from each elementary and middle school chose students who excel in academics, community activities, and leadership.

"These kids are our future so its very important to us to recognize them they could be our bosses of the future or just our overall leaders so its very important to recognize these kids at such a young age," says George.

J.J. Lindsay, 6th grade student from Miles Avenue Elementary, says aside from playing the viola and bow hunting, having leadership skills is imperative.

"Its good to have friends but its also important to be a leader and to help other people. If other people are picking on another kid I try to help or help them not exclude them and play with them too," says Lindsay.

All students will receive a certificate from the YMCA and a sweatshirt donated from Kenco.